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Stop by our booth and talk with the Sability team to learn how Sability can help you realize your HCM vision. NEWS Modulus Data Wins Best Service and Support at the 2022 ADP Marketplace Partner Summit HR data integration experts Modulus Data wins for their customer-focused approach to data integration. Right before the holidays, I attended a 1-day conference on Digital Marketing. When I try to decide whether or not to attend these events, I usually focus on the topics, and if there are going to be interesting speakers presenting. Surprisingly, the best thing I got from attending this conference was completely unexpected.

  • AFP conferences and events offer not just an opportunity to learn, but also to network, engage, share ideas, and connect with fundraisers from across the globe.
  • In this playfully themed yet seriously focused session we’ll share the three not-so-secret ingredients that the L&D professional and the restaurateur must balance to reach the most people in the greatest way.
  • The “Mind over Chatter” modules developed by the team from IU Kokomo focus on the cognitive biases that make us susceptible to faulty information in the first place, as well as the many subtle framing techniques used by a variety of media to obscure and mislead.
  • Sability is proud to be a Pinnacle Sponsor for Connections 2016 in sunny Las Vegas.

First, virtually no one’s answers are all in the same ideological quadrant. Second, in every classroom, there is a range of ideological positions on each question. In other words, students usually think of themselves in one of the four ideological categories, but will almost certainly find that some of their answers are in different categories. And members of a class may believe that the class is made up, for example, of modern liberals, but will likely find that it is actually made up of a range of ideological positions. When paired with critical thinking activities, students gain an average four points on the CAT within one course, compared to increasing three to four points over the span of an entire collegiate career. The work takes seriously the epistemological challenges posed by digital polarization, problematic information, algorithmic manipulation, and networked propaganda, and introduces the “SIFT” method and other essential skills of online fact checking and research. The initiative now includes a robust set of curricular resources developed by Indiana University Kokomo and has begun to rollout professional training and development institutes.

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Mike Martin, Head of Customer Experience and Learning, Litmos, will present approaches to show employees that you haven’t forgotten about them and won’t let them walk on by. Slow change can pull you apart, but not if you take Mike’s advice on retaining and energizing employees. In the cutting-edge culinary world, every hot new chef is looking for a fresh restaurant angle.

Sability is an award-winning Human Capital Management consulting firm dedicated to helping companies create the link between technology and tangible business results. Sability can assist you throughout your HCM life-cycle including analysis, implementation, upgrades and project/change management. Sability is proud to be a Pinnacle Sponsor for Connections 2016 in sunny Las Vegas. Please join our team at Ultimate Software’s annual customer conference. Sability is proud to be a Pinnacle Sponsor for Connections 2017 in sunny Las Vegas. In a world of negative images about political dialogue and discussion, we must provide alternative images of what works. We must create powerful examples of what a productive and engaging democracy looks like.

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The last few years have brought an onslaught of change to the HR industry and HR technology in particular. ADP Meeting of the Minds (ADP® MOTM) is a strategic user conference designed to enhance the Human Capital Management knowledge for ADP Clients at companies with 1,000 or more employees, representing the largest employers in the United States. G-P Predictions The G-P leadership team weighs in on global hiring trends, HR tech and what’s… adp meeting of the minds 2021 Connect with trusted experts and solutions to provide processes and personalized work that save you time and money. All text, graphics, audio files, Java/Javascript applets and scrips, applications, downloadable software, and other works on this website are the copyrighted works of the Association of Directory Publishers. Any unauthorized redistribution or reproduction of any materials on this website is strictly prohibited.

  • Sability is bringing together a panel of industry experts to discuss the current environment and the components of a comprehensive solution to address the business challenges encountered when returning to the workplace.
  • From a global pandemic to social unrest, how are current events impacting the state of resilience and engagement in the workforce today?
  • The world’s biggest and best conference on HR technology is happening in Chicago and Sability is proud to be part of it.